Union Square


Union Square is an important historic crossroads in downtown New York. On each side of the square begins another district. Its central location in Manhattan and the proximity of many metro lines makes it a popular meeting place.

In the middle of the square is a rider statue of George Washington, made in 1856. Other striking statues are those of the La Fayette, Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi marquis.

Weekly markets take place at Union Square. For example, on Saturday there is a farmers market, where you can buy fresh products. Around Union Square are dozens of bars and restaurants, including some very expensive.

Among the inhabitants of New York, Union Square is one of the most famous locations in the city due to its central location and many restaurants and clothing stores in the higher market segment. Due to the vegetable market where farmers from outside the city sell their products and the New York very characteristic architecture and in the streets around the park, most tourists will probably not be able to resist a visit to Union Square. In addition, there is also a pleasant park in the square with historical statues, where it is also a great place to spend the day chasing tourists.

Sights of Union Square

Although Union Square has a long history of demonstrations, it does not derive its name from the trade union movement. Union simply refers to the convergence of Broadway and Park Avenue, two of Manhattan’s major streets. Through the many trees and small parks, Union Square is a very green square, so it is also a good place to equip. In addition to many trees, there are many statues in the square, including famous statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi.

Website: unionsquarenyc.org


GPS coordinates: N 40 ° 44,156 ‘W 73 ° 59,418’
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