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Book one of the gospel tours in New York to experience the gospel music and atmosphere, live in a church in Harlem or Brooklyn. To prevent you from being in a row for a long time or accidentally violating the rules, you may want to participate in a gospel tour. Together with a guide you will discover both Harlem and the authentic gospel music and you will understand why it’s so popular.

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Experience Gospel in Harlem

The tour starts in Midtown Manhattan. It does not matter where you are going to sit, there is enough on both sides of the bus. As the Midtown bus travels to 110th Street – Harlem’s Gate, the guide tells about the history and various cultures in Harlem. There are plenty of possibilities to take pictures and you will be amazed at the varied Harlem landscape.

As a tourist you can’t visit a. For example, there are strict rules, entering and leaving the ceremony can cause problems and there are simply many churches where tourists are not welcome. Even if you are able to find a hospitable church on Sundays, you will probably have to close in a very long row. Booking a tour is therefore a better option. This is not only simpler, it is also a fun and cultural activity that will help you to get along!

The highlight of the tour is of course attending a gospel mischief in the church. In Harlem there are more than 400 churches! In one of these churches you will dance, swing and maybe sing along with the impressive gospel music. Attending a gospel martial is an incredible experience, but certainly not as glamorous as movies like Sister Act wants to make us believe. It is important to keep in mind that these are real people who sing their faith. In some churches, the choir carries a gown, not in some churches. It’s not a show.

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The History of Harlem

Harlem had a bad reputation as one of the New York neighborhoods with the highest crime rate. There is indeed a history of crime, drugs, and vandalism. Why would anyone like to visit such a neighborhood? Because Harlem is much more than this! During the tour, you will learn about Harlem’s history and get to know the Harlem Renaissance, the period in which the district was on the rise and the place to be for young artists, writers, and poets.

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Soul Food in New York

After the gospel a tour gives you the opportunity to have lunch at a local restaurant in Harlem. This option must be checked during booking of the tour and can not be booked retrospectively. This lunch is really recommended. Not only is it the perfect end of the gospel tour, you also get the chance to taste the local dishes, soul food.

I myself was received at a local restaurant, which I would never have gone inside myself. A restaurant with rich history and live music. The food was tasty – think of cornbread, fried chicken, mac and cheese and a lot more!

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