The American Museum of Natural History in New York


The American Museum of Natural History in New York is one of the most beautiful museums and one of the most educational in the world. If you have children, you must at least go there, but also if you do not have children. This museum is known for the film ‘Night at the Museum 1’.

What to expect? Stuffed animals in spectacular 3D environments, dinosaurs, the history of the earth and an overview of indigenous cultures. The museum is already old and sometimes it seems old-fashioned but in a charming way.

What can be seen in the American Museum of Natural History

Like almost everything in America, this museum is very big. If you have a busy week and have limited time, it’s wise to decide in advance what you want to see. Here is a list of my favorite parts. At the main entrance are floor plans, which are very convenient because the museum is large and not very clear.

  • Butterfly Conservatory ( the second floor, this is the floor where you enter)

Open from October to May. There are more than 500 butterflies flying around here. So unlike the rest of the museum, there are no stuffed animals here.

  • North American mammals diorama’s (first floor)

Enchanting stuffed animals placed in natural habitat. It’s incredibly handsome and beautiful how they’ve done this. You really get the idea that you are in the mountains between the Tigers or on the African steppe between the antelopes.

  • Ocean Life (first floor)

All life has originated from the oceans. It is not surprising that the museum is paying much attention to it. Interesting, for example, are the two ‘trees of life’, where you can see very beautiful how evolution took place and when there are a new species. Also here with beautiful dioramas, but sea creatures. And a life-sized whale hanging on the ceiling!

  • Space exploration (third floor)

This museum not only gives an overview of what is happening on earth but also shows what is happening in the universe and how human beings are discovering the universe. It’s also fun to go to the Space Theater where it feels like you’re floating through space.

  • Plains Indians / Eastern Woodlands Indians (third floor)

Are you curious about how the original inhabitants of America used to live? Then walk past the Indian exhibitions. Here you will find an anthropological overview of how these people lived and what attributes they used to use.

  • Dinosaurs (fourth floor)

The most famous is the Museum of Natural History because of the dinosaur collection. And that is also very impressive. At the outset, you think you’re dealing with plastic counterfeit bottoms, but if you look a bit better and read the signs, almost everything is real and that means you want to know as much of these giant beasts as possible. Attention is also paid to theories about how these animals are extinct. In addition, you are confronted with how old the earth is and how young humanity has made a clock that shows 24 hours. A man has only come into being at the last minute!

Exclusive VIP Tour for opening hours

Visit the museum one hour before it opens its doors to the public with this exclusive early access VIP tour. Due to the silence and void in the museum, the dinosaurs and stuffed animals seem to come to life alive. The guide gives you an interesting tour through the main rooms of the building, which is even more impressive than normal. This tour is also perfect to do with children, they will love to be able to stand at the front and in the middle at every exhibition. After the tour, you can stay as long as possible in the museum.

Practical information

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:45
Location: Central Park West at 79th Street
Extra: There is a wardrobe for $ 2 per person

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