18 Highlights of New York


Of course, when you are planning a trip through the United States you can’t skip New York. In ‘the city that never sleeps’ everything is big, bigger, biggest. Visit the sights of Soho, Times Square, and Central Park. Create a selfie with the Statue of Liberty or shop until you drop with a new beautiful wardrobe.

1. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Millions of explorers into the new world passed the health check at Ellis Island immigration station. History is in the veins of this Island. Every day, boats from the jetty at Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan take a 45-minute cruise to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Anyone who is not early in the morning to start this adventure might wait for two hours in the queue.

2. Ground Zero and Wall Street

The post-millennium New York City is the mainstay of two events: the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the 2008 financial crisis. These recent milestones had their focal points just a few minutes walk: Ground Zero and Wall Street .

3. East Village and Lower East Side

Cafes, galleries, original shops and music clubs – Manhattan’s subculture lives in the former Jewish Immigration District.

4. Greenwich Village

Historic streets, restaurants, old mansions – New York idyll. The almost maze of streets and lovingly restored old buildings create the atmosphere of a charming village in the middle of the big city.

Image courtesy of: Daniel Mennerich

5. Meatpacking District and High Line

Walking above the city over the converted airway, shopping in exclusive boutiques: the former slaughter district is redeveloped. In the Sex and the City TV series, the four New York women regularly cross this neighborhood to score the most beautiful fashion items.

6. Times Square

If Manhattan has a center somewhere, Times Square is the sparkling center of the city. The LED and neon fences, towering cabs, street traders, the elegantly dressed theater audience; That’s all coming together and Times Square is one of New York’s classic attractions.

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7. Subway and Grand Central Terminal

Driving in New York is an experience: because of the people, the messy crowds and the first-class art in the stations. The subway is the rarity cabinet of New York society.

8. Empire State Building

Baken of the New York skyline. The art deco interior is elegant, the view from the top is sublime and although the rows of tourists can be daunting – faint King Kong jokes – once again it’s been worth it. Nevertheless, come to New York’s skyscraper as early as possible.

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9. Fifth Avenue

Here the ten thousand richest New Yorkers shop for their expensive wardrobe. The Fifth is the most expensive and exclusive shopping street in the world and for that reason, it is already a tourist attraction. Whether it’s Cartier, Gucci or Versace, any luxury brand wants to introduce something here.

Beautiful New York

10. Rockefeller Center

A visit to New York without a glance on the skyline would be like a beach break without a sea dive. Rockefeller Center is a city in the city. From the 30 Rock Roof Terrace, you have the best view of Manhattan’s attractions.

11. MoMA and the museum district

New York has a concentration of artistic temples like no other city in the world. You can spend weeks alone in the museums. Certainly since the reopening in 2005, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is one of New York’s main attractions. In addition to Tate Modern in London, MoMA has the largest collection of modern art in the world.

12. Central Park

Leave the hectic and the noise behind you, relax, switch back, get human again. New York can dull and overwhelm; in Central Park there is the space and tranquility to help.

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13. Harlem

Blacks New York has a regeneration polite. It is in line with the golden times of the 1930s. Walking through the main street, 125th Street, of the district, you clearly see Harlem’s appearance.

Not to miss highlights

14. Manhattan, Brooklyn, River Road

Just a few years ago, it was considered a madness to ride a bike in New York. Since former Mayor Bloomberg has built hundreds of miles of cycling, the bike is the best way to experience the city. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are now commuting a bicycle for their work.

15. Brooklyn

New York’s creative center of gravity is shifted. The dizzying rise in living costs has drove many people with a creative occupation of Manhattan over the past 15 years. Brooklyn is now the neighborhood of artists, musicians

16. Brooklyn Bridge

When this bridge was opened in 1883, it was a world wonder; The longest suspension bridge in the world. Nowadays, a walk over the one and a half mile long wooden path between the braided steel cables is still as breathtaking. First, explore the scenic Brooklyn Heights and then walk to the lower Manhattan skyline.

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17. Coney Island

Hot dogs, beer, sea and roller coasters – the peninsula of Brooklyn has been the paradise for the ordinary man for 100 years. Ever legendary attractions such as roller coaster, the Cyclone, Deno’s Wonderwheel and the Parachute Jump are just memories of a recent period. The atmosphere of light decay contributes to the special appearance of Coney Island.

18. Staten Island Ferry

The easiest way to see the city from the water. Stand right next to the Statue of Liberty without standing in line. Return takes about an hour, boats leave continuously from the terminal next to Battery Park.

Image courtesy of: Photographic Poetry